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discover width - being amazed.

life coaching, couple guidance, life counseling

pursue your longing for freedom, give space to your dreams. the special energy at the sea invites you to reflect on your own life and to look consciously, to look at challenges and adversities anew. the recurring sound of the waves reminds you of your own history, then and now. and the atmosphere of the sandy beach invites you to look ahead to the next phase of your life, to get down to the business of adapting your life script


it's time to let long-cherished dreams come true

my offer

we start the dialog via the digital channel zoom and continue the conversation 1:1; in portugal, in greece or at your favourite place of well-being. with a large portion of curiosity, motivation and joy in your luggage. You determine the rhythm, the number of beats, the content. I practice as your sparring partner in conscious listening, continuous questioning and reporting back my thoughts and feelings. 

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