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feeling liveliness.

life coaching, couple guidance, life counseling

experience the lightness of being again. breathe in the fresh air, go up the mountains, experience the splendor and energy of the mountains. hiking, biking, being in dialogue with yourself and nature. let the safe counterpart to your lifestyle in everyday life become reality. resting in yourself; high up in the mountains bringing you the atmosphere of controlled thinking into a deepened attention, special alertness. life energy and joy of life


the conversation with me invites you to look at many things anew on the way, to re-evaluate life situations, to sketch, define and walk new paths. in doing so, you have the courage to question and rewrite your life design.

my offer

I accompany you on your way, up in the mountains, whether it's high up or further down. in your luggage a large portion of motivation and joy. You determine the rhythm, the pace, the content. as your sparring partner, I practice listening attentively, questioning and reporting back my thoughts. 

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