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bieri stands for attentive, refreshing and progressive life advice. 


I firmly believe in the ability of each individual to reconsider his life in all phases of life and to adapt and realign where deemed appropriate.


in my coaching, i orientate myself on the approach of neuro-transaction-programming (ntp) with a focus on anchoring new behaviors in the body cells. emotions and bodily sensations are part of my work here by visualizing and empathizing and practicing new behaviors with hypnosis. 


expanding one's own frame of reference and reorganizing one's inner map are besides sound resonance and meditation important components of my life path coaching.

being outside in nature, in the forest, by the lake/river, in the mountains and by the sea, that is breeding ground for good developments and therefore my preferred coaching places. 

coach, transactional analyst ica/aei

social entrepreneur

portrait filmmaker




with a solid coaching & counselling background of many years, i bring in plenty of universal spirit, good portions of 'spices', cultural diversity, human reason and some good wisdom.


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