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let serenity prevail.

life coaching, couple guidance, life counseling

letting go of everything, forget everyday worries, breathe out. outdoors while walking, in the forest, by the river, by the lake. being in dialogue with yourself and nature, from controlled thinking to deepened attention and special alertness. let the opposite of any lifestyle become reality in everyday life.   


and the conversation with me invites you to take a new look at many things along the way, to reassess life situations, to walk new paths. having the courage to question your life plan and add a new chapter or at least sketch out the next steps in your life and start walking.

my offer

I accompany you on your way, out in the forest, by the river by the lake or simply in the countryside, you determine the rhythm, the pace, the content. as your sparring partner, I practice listening appreciatively, continuously questioning and reporting back your thoughts, ideas, plans - in short, creating a new chapter in your life script with you. 

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